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The Nuiances of Toefl Essay Samples

The Nuiances of Toefl Essay Samples Like the very first job, after making your choice you will need to support that decision with specific examples. You've been requested to choose a person to show others how to do some job. The task demands that the candidate is equipped to recognize the similar points as well as the differences in opinions that show up in the reading and listening sections. You may also opt to only practice the independent endeavor, if that's what you need to concentrate on. The Definitive Strategy to Toefl Essay Samples If you really need to get advanced, you may also try out making up your own questions depending on the news of the day and after that offer these questions to a study partner. If you don't sleep well, you're interrupting the process to keep up your general well-being. There are occasions when being truthful isn't necessarily the ideal policy. A good example of donation of kidney was considered. Then you are going to have to write about both passages. The essays have a word limit, but there is not any negative marking even when you cross the limit, the only condition being that it needs to be on the subject. Your response ought to be 150-225 words. The responses will be transmitted in and evaluated by four unique people. For this essay, you will be graded on the level of your writing in addition to how well your response represents the key points of the audio clip and written passage and the way in which they relate to one another. You will be able to take notes as you listen to it though. You're permitted to take notes as you read and listen. You recently heard that the community you reside in may be receiving a new high school, which is not yet been built. You've recently heard your community is to become home to a newly constructed restaurant. Some people think that university students should be asked to attend classes. There are those who feel that it ought to be compulsory for students to attend c ollege and university classes while some feel that students ought to have the option of attending or not attending. The Debate Over Toefl Essay Samples On the true TOEFL, you'll have the reading passage for reference as you write, so it is going to be displayed again here. It is critical to compose an essay in view of the academic standards and, at the exact same time, it has to be a TOEFL piece of writing. One of the most difficult sections to prep for on the TOEFL may be the essay. Study for each of the TOEFL sections with this comprehensive preparation program. A superb prep book can be absolutely the most important study tool you use, and we've got information on all the ideal TOEFL prep books you should think about. My goal today is to offer you all of the info you'll want to be successful with the TOEFL Independent Writing section. This list of questions appears right on the TOEFL practice website and could show up on your real TOEFL writing test. The Ultimate Toefl Essay Samples Trick Therefore, among the lowest scores students may receive is for missing the topic. There are a few ways that you can enhance your score by utilizing some basic strategies. Learn what you have to change to be able to boost your score. Your score will be dependent on the grade of your writing in addition to how well you answer the question. The Benefits of Toefl Essay Samples If you possess a superior vocabulary, then it can prove to be an extra advantage when writing. Many students have trouble thinking of particular examples, but it's a valuable pa rt of very good writing. When you compose the essay all on your own, expect to experience a great deal of stress, especially in the event you lack the writing skills and knowledge about academic essay writing. You may be asked to compose an essay about technology, education, media, family members, or another subject. Trained writers aren't only trained in writing, but additionally in adhering to the site's guidelines as soon as it comes to supplying services to clients. Other folks believe that it is always preferable to have a teacher. Enlarge your wordlist, if you don't need the examiners to truly feel bored on account of the restricted vocabulary. TOEFL raters study your capacity to create various forms of sentences. When you compose the essay all on your own, you still have to visit the library to research on your preferred topic to discuss, etc.. Then you are going to listen to a lecture concerning the exact same topic. You don't have to have much specific knowledge on any topic to be successful. You won't be required to get any former knowledge on a topic.

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Ethics of Outsourcing Essay - 1500 Words

Ethics of Outsourcing What is ethics and how is it related to todays world of business? Merriam-Websters Online Dictionary defines ethics as the discipline dealing with what is good and bad with moral duty and obligation. In todays globalized society, it seems as though monetary profits are valued higher than making ethical decisions. Outsourcing has become an unavoidable result of globalization. From General Motors to IBM, we can experience the effect of outsourcing in many different sectors of our lives. Outsourcing has brought many economic advantages, and it has greatly enhanced productivity and growth of industries across countries. However, despite such benefits, outsourcing also generated a variety of social, political,†¦show more content†¦Among many of the multi-national corporations, IBM has been one of the pioneers of outsourcing in the IT industry. William M. Bulkeley (2004) explains in the article New IBM Jobs Can Mean Fewer Jobs Elsewhere, that IBM purchased Daksh eService in 2004 t o absorb 6,000 Daksh employees to expand IBMs India-based workforce. Truthfully speaking, the primary goal of most multi-national corporations is to acquire financial benefit. For that matter, thousands of US workers replaced to cheaper laborers in China or India help the outsourcers to reduce the manufacturing costs. However, the ethical issue springs from the fact that not everybody benefits from the offshore outsourcing. The estimated 200,000 service jobs shipped abroad means the extensive number of US workers who lost their livelihood. Although outsourcing has become a fast developed trend around the world, it became a threat to American workers. However, in business, the ethical issues are often neglected to create economic gains. After all, international business has opened huge markets for the United States products and has provided customers with new and cheaper goods. Bulkeley (2004) argues that IBM engrosses about $15 billion a year from outsourcing, which is 17% of the to tal revenue. With the advancement in shipping and telecommunications, it is easier than ever before to sell products and services across the world. IfShow MoreRelatedOutsourcing Ethics604 Words   |  3 Pagesoutsource job functions. Outsourcing allows companies to grow and expand their business around the world. Many have attributed outsourcing to lowering operating costs, a method to increase expertise and gain additional technology, and as a way to improve efficiency and services. These advantages can help a company gain a competitive advantage over industry participants. When a company strategically plans to outsource ethical consideration must be acknowledged; especially when outsourcing is offshore. AsRead MoreMGMT 310 Unit 3 IP1098 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Unit 3 – Outsourcing American InterContinental University Abstract While faced with competitive markets and globalization, companies are always looking for ways to improve their overall cost and pricing structure. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain quality levels of service while providing good and services at rates where companies can remain profitable. As companies compete in a global market, several challenges are prevalent. As the business worldRead MoreEssay on Ethical Implications of Outsourcing1164 Words   |  5 Pagesof Outsourcing Shawn Schneider University of Phoenix Michael Osby MGT216 May 18, 2009 Ethical Implications of Outsourcing For several years, many companies have turned to outsourcing income tax preparation and income tax return filing to companies in other countries to improve performance. The act of outsourcing a company’s tax preparation is reasonable if the company is confident with the servicing company which is contracted; by outsourcing oneRead MoreOutsourcing: Lets Get It Right Essay1208 Words   |  5 Pagesreceived by the consumer in good conscience, void of human ethics violations, regardless of where the product or service originates; and consumers should not patronize companies that cannot ensure this trust. This paper provides rhetorical analyses of two presentations pertaining to outsourcing. Neither particularly opposes outsourcing, yet each provides information addressing two different outsourcing concerns. Kibbe’s 2004 article â€Å"Outsourcing: the good, the bad and the inevitable† focuses on UnitedRead MoreThe For A Specialist Laborer804 Words   |  4 Pagesemployees, environment and one’s own particular wellbeing than outsourcing labor at the Internet. Hence, it can be stated that the outsourcing transformation is bringing millions, perhaps billions of low wage individuals onto the world platform. If one think of outsourcing from the capitalist lenses, it becomes easy to disregard moral concerns linked with outsourcing. On one hand, the developing nation tend to get advantage from outsourcing through increased training and employment, while companiesRead MoreEthical Issue And The Ethical Dilemma882 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership Ethics Introduction In this week’s assignment, we have been asked to identify an ethical issue presented in the Devise Products Unlimited (DPU) case study. First we will discuss the issue and the ethical dilemma it creates. Next we will look at possible recommendations for the DPU CEO to handle this issue. The Ethical Issue First, let’s start by looking at what the ethical issue that DPU is facing. The issue that I have chosen to focus on is issue two from the case study:Read MoreOutsourcing And Its Advantages For A Company1225 Words   |  5 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Outsourcing can have more disadvantages for a company if the company does not take major precautions before proceeding. The purpose of this report is to (1) identify major IT outsourcing risks. (2) How to minimize the risk to out rule the disadvantages. There are many steps to successful outsourcing; here are the main ones gathered from the research. †¢ Be discreet when selecting your vendor , analyse there previous work †¢ Consult with an attorney before signing the contract †¢ MakeRead MoreOutsourcing A Business Is A Risky Affair1445 Words   |  6 Pages Outsourcing Rohit Negi Introduction: Companies are increasingly urged to rethink their sourcing strategies, choosing between in/out, Domestic/international sourcing. Several motivations (e.g. cost reduction, flexibility, access to new technologies and skills, focus on core activities) are encouraging them to outsource and/or localize their (ITRead MoreBusiness Ethics Essay1496 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿LAW ETHICS IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 6e Test Bank Revisions for the 7th edition by Eric D. Yordy, The W. A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University CHAPTER 1 Law, Ethics, Business: An Introduction Questions 1. Select the best definition of ethics: a. a fairly clear cut set of guides for decision making. b. a set of relatively unclear principles regarding what we must do. c. a set of relatively unclear principles regarding what we should do. d. religious viewsRead MoreCross-Cultural Perspectives: Evaluating the Ethical and Social Responsibility of Software Outsourcing at Oracle1116 Words   |  4 PagesEvaluating the Ethical and Social Responsibility of Software Outsourcing at Oracle Introduction The ethicacy and social responsibility involved with the development of an effective software outsourcing strategy is a dilemma many American software companies are facing today. More specifically, the ethics of paying for software to be developed in third world nations including India, Pakistan and China for use in the United States, potentially in companies whose role is critical to national defense

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People Watching Gives Powerful Insight - 775 Words

People watching is the act of observing individuals and their interactions, usually without them knowing. This gives us powerful insight into different aspects of gender, sexuality, race and class. My partner, Peter Wise and I, were able to go to Tolliver one evening to collect data. We both watched different genders, looking for things such as body language, clothing and posture, and generated our own notes on the subjects. While data collecting, we were searching for different signs of how gender, sexuality, race, and class are present on this campus. Along the lines of gender, we were able to see differences among males and females that are rather obvious and some that were completely out of the norm. Postures and body language give us insight into a persons gender, but like most other classifications, are not mutually exclusive to one group or the other. Numerous females were observed sitting in positions of proper posture with their legs or ankle crossed under them, while male s would tend to sit in postures that were more slouchy and open. Females tended to speak to one another when sitting at a same sex table, as opposed to males who had minimal conversation while among same sex friends. Yet, in some cases among mixed gender groups, males seemed to hang on every word that a female would communicate and be incredibly interested in what they had to say. Females also tended to speak with more body language surrounded by members of the opposite sex. AnotherShow MoreRelatedHamlet Is A Theater Performance Of The Shakespeare Play1715 Words   |  7 PagesEssay 2 The play Hamlet is written by William Shakespeare whereby he uses a combination of poetry and prose. The film, Hamlet is a theater performance of the Shakespeare play. The play is written in blank verse offering an insight into the state of mind of the character as well as a reaction to the ongoing actions in the stage. The style is reserved for the nobles and informal situations like courts. Figurative language is used to express the actions and feelings of the characters have been evidencedRead MoreRacial Discrimination in To Kill a Mockingbird Essays636 Words   |  3 PagesTo kill a mockingbird is an extremely powerful book highlighting the horrors of racial discrimination in the â€Å"Deep South† of the United States of America. Discuss. To kill a mockingbird is an extremely powerful book highlighting the horrors of racial discrimination in the â€Å"Deep South† of the United States of America. It focuses on the racial issues concerning a staunch, typically â€Å"white† country town in the â€Å"Deep South.† This essay however deals with the various trials and tribulationsRead MoreA Simple User Interaction Is Never Simple1145 Words   |  5 Pagesother people woven into the experience. When we study, craft, and engineer an experience, we need to consider all these elements in order to be empathetic and effective designers. Of course, users bring their own frame of mind and external inputs to any interaction. These are elements designers cannot control. Part of what we can control is a user’s reaction to individual elements and touchpoints — the things that ultimately build an impression of a brand. These are things we can design. People newRead MoreYoutube : An Essential Pillar For The World Wide Web1177 Words   |  5 Pageseasily accessible forms of communication and news, informing the masses about current events with rapidly updating videos. In present day society, YouTube has become a socializing agent that directly impacts the cultural and social practices of people all over the world. YouTube is able to beat its competitors by adapting to the changing times and fitting the evolving interests of it’s core demographic, thus rapidly spreading and creating new ideas and trends, continuously shifting social normsRead MoreRemote Control or Mind Control1126 Words   |  4 Pagesyou can entertain the child. What do you do? Do you swallow your pride and play games, read, and or color with him or do you simply turn on the television and let â€Å"SpongeBob† take it away? This is a big battle that exists in today’s society. Most people tend to have an opinion that media, specifically tele vision and video games, are having long-term effects on our children concerning their behavior and morals. Others, although typically outnumbered, think that the media does not heavily impact childrenRead MoreThe Collapse Of The Bronze Age1600 Words   |  7 Pages1600 years. Their culture was fluid, changing dramatically from where they started off. Through analysis of historical texts, we’re capable of watching as the culture changes, from monarchal rulers and a war-based society revealed in the The Iliad, to the all-for-the-polis mentality presented in The Laws, and finally coming to rest in a societies of people firmly believing in their superiority shown in Medea. The First civilizations in Greece were ruled by typical monarchies, the most notable beingRead MoreAnalytics Software Is Essential For Any Business1529 Words   |  7 Pagesfeature tracks how many visitors clicked on ads and which signup form they use to subscribe to newsletter. It provides the insights of how well each of them performs like who checks social media profile, who gets on RSS feed. Based on those percentages business owners can choose what kind of ads to display on the sidebar, their positions, or what signup form performs best and gives more subscribers. CUSTOM ALERTS Google alerts act as a kind of watchdog for anomalies in data. Google analytics alertsRead MoreCharlie Chaplin s Modern Times900 Words   |  4 PagesCharlie Chaplin completed his last silent movie, called â€Å"Modern Times†. The title of the movie itself gives a hint about the changes that human kind would be facing in the future. While watching the movie, the audience is inundated with the ideas of dehumanization of humans in the factories, the ‘Fordism’ ideology, the struggle to earn bread, and many more. Instead of conveying this powerful social message in harsh and serious tone, Charlie Chaplin has blended right amount of humor to the socialRead MoreLittle Buddh A Powerful And Entertaining Movie That Retells The Mythological Tale Of Buddha Essay1465 Words   |  6 PagesLittle Buddha is a powerful and entertaining movie that retells the mythological tale of Buddha. The film also tells the captivating story of a Buddhist monk, named Lama Norbu, who trave ls from a peaceful monastery in Nepal to the busy city of Seattle. Lama Norbu’s fellow monks have discovered a boy, named Jesse, who they believe might be the reincarnation of Lama Norbu’s former teacher, Lama Dorje. After they meet, Lama Norbu gives Jesse, who is very fascinated with the monks, a children’s bookRead MoreRacism And Stereotypes Of African American Males1363 Words   |  6 Pagesarticles in sociology and psychology talk a lot about the stereotypes of African American males and women are more prone to stay in their home town and not do much with their life. So these articles hopefully will give insight to anybody that reads these articles and realize how people actually stereotypes African Americans. The way Men We Reaped relates to the topic that I chose and the book has material that talks a lot about racism and stereotyping. Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward had a lot information

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Business Letter Advice

Question: Prepare a business letter to share your advice to a client. You will explain complex financial data and discuss the cause and effect of select accounting transactions has on cash balances. Answer: Business Letter January XX, 2016 (CFOs Name) (Companys Address) (City, ST ZIP Code) Dear Mr. (CFOs surname) In this letter, sound advice is given to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company on the issue that has led to a constant increase in sales with not much cash to meet the payment needs of vendors and payroll. This is the problem related to cash flow as growing business is known as a cash sponge'. Management of cash flows can be done on basic objectives like investing the surplus to receive a rate of return, accelerating the cash inflows and delaying the cash outflows wherever it could be possible, borrowing cash whenever required and lastly by maintaining an optimum amount of cash that is neither deficient nor excessive (Evans, 2015). The scenario of cash flows decreasing and sales increasing is the factor analysed by the accounts receivable, which is considered an important element in the working capital. The demands of increasing sales in response to inventory, labour costs will take up the extra dollar to see the cash flowing when the sales are rising. Hence, the company needs to invest more in inventory and labour, but receivables rise along with sales. Therefore, there is more reason to be tied up with receivables (Crfonline.org, 2016). The projection of cash flows is involved more if the company extends its credit to its customers. In this, the company should take account of the collection period for accounts receivable. The tied up money in invoices is not for repaying loans or paying bills. Therefore, there is a requirement for the use of pragmatic assessment of what proportion of accounts receivables needs to comprehend according to average collection period, accounts receivables to sales ratio and accoun ts receivable aging schedule in the receipt cycle (Bizfilings.com, 2012). The reports reviewed by the CFO on a daily basis includes cash, accounts receivables and accounts payables. A daily cash flow report should acknowledge all the cash flow events happened during previous business day. There is the requirement to capture cash inflows as receivables and cash inflows/ disbursements, which include payroll checks accounts in accounts payables. Regarding receivables and cash disbursements, the number entered should be positive and negative respectively. The cash balance can be summed up for a day in the equation= Reconciled balance + Total Deposits Total Disbursements (Wilkinson, 2013). The reason to include receivables and payables on a daily basis is that it accounts in the working capital management as asset and liability respectively. Days Payable Outstanding (DPC) per day analyzes accounts payables whereas Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) per day analyzes accounts receivables. Hence, working capital can be increased and checked on reducing the DSO or incre asing the DPO that is holding up payment to vendors and accumulating payments from customers. However, the company always needs to keep business trade-off in mind so that neither early payment discounts are missed out nor company's strict image is formed in front of customers so that they are willing to offer more business (Diffen.com, 2015). Hope the advice provided in form of solution proves to be useful for the company and solves CFOs problem to some extent. Sincerely, (Signature) (Clients Name) References Bizfilings.com, (2012).Analyzing the Factors that Affect Your Cash Flow. [online] Available at: https://www.bizfilings.com/toolkit/sbg/finance/cash-flow/analyzing-cash-flow-factors.aspx [Accessed 6 Jan. 2016]. Crfonline.org, (2016).The Trade Creditor's Guide to the Statement of Cash Flows. [online] Available at: https://www.crfonline.org/orc/cro/cro-10.html [Accessed 6 Jan. 2016]. Diffen.com, (2015).Accounts Payable vs Accounts Receivable - Difference and Comparison | Diffen. [online] Available at: https://www.diffen.com/difference/Accounts_Payable_vs_Accounts_Receivable [Accessed 6 Jan. 2016]. Evans, M. (2015).Excellence in Financial Management. Course 4: Managing Cash Flow. [online] Exinfm.com. Available at: https://www.exinfm.com/training/course04.doc [Accessed 6 Jan. 2016]. Wilkinson, J. (2013).Daily Cash Flow Forecast The Strategic CFO. [online] Strategiccfo.com. Available at: https://strategiccfo.com/wikicfo/daily-cash-flow-forecast/ [Accessed 6 Jan. 2016].

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The article by Orsillo, Roemer and Salters-Pedneult (2008) involves a study on the effectiveness of an acceptance-based behavioral therapy (ABBT) designed to enhance the reception of internal experiences. The study was also aimed at encouraging action in significant areas of Generalized Anxiety disorder (GAD).Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Generalized Anxiety Disorder specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The study involved 31 participants selected from a list of patients who sought CARD treatment at different times between 2003 and 2005. The treatment was randomly administered to 15 of the 31 clients while the remaining 16 clients formed the waiting list control. During the procedure, two participants left the therapy while another four left the waiting list. Participants in the waiting list received delayed treatment. The participants were required to be over 18 years old. Assessments were based on both primary and secondary measures. Primary measures involved the analysis of anxiety and worry while secondary measures accessed the level of depression, quality of life and suggested techniques of change. Current and lifetime DSM–IV diagnostic status was checked using the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM–IV— Lifetime Version. Each diagnosis was accessed according to the clinical severity rating (CSR), which ranged from 0 to 8. The indicators of anxiety used in the study included an anxiety subscale of 0.79, and a stress subscale of 0.87. Secondary outcomes were measured using a Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) of 0.87, and a measure of life satisfaction of 0.836. The 9-item scale was used in the test due to its sensitivity to change, as well as enhanced internal consistency. Treatment for the waiting list was administered 14 weeks after the consent meeting. Individual assessments of the clients were conducted by a CARD assessor immediately after the treatment w as administered, and again after 3 and 9 months.Advertising Looking for article on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The first four sessions took 90 minutes while the following 12 sessions took 60 minutes. The treatment process was aimed at enhancing various characteristics of clients including alertness to typical anxious responses, the function of emotions and the objective of judgment and pragmatic evasion in cases of absurdly worsening grief. Assessments were also made using psycho education, pragmatic demonstrations and between-session self monitoring. The clients were also encouraged to develop mindful awareness to actions and avoid valued activities. The analysis of results was carried out using Hierarchical Linear and Nonlinear Modeling software program (HLM). The results were observed to be consistent. The next measure involved the analysis of uncontrolled effects, as well as the evaluation of treatment gain s for all clients. The pretreatment assessments of the waiting list participants were based on their post treatment assessments. Various clients missed different follow-up assessments, as well as self-report measures. The results of the study showed that the treatment administered had a considerable effect on both Generalized Anxiety specific outcomes and depressive symptoms. Effects that reached level four were found to be significant. These effects comprised symptoms of self-reported anxious arousal, quality of life and clinician-rated additional diagnoses. The changes identified due to ABBT after 9 months of the study were identified to clinically significant and durable. Some limitations were noted during the study. For instance, the waiting list control was flawed since it did not eliminate the possibility of affecting nonspecific factors. It was also noted that longer follow-up periods were necessary in order to evaluate the durability of the effect of the treatment.Advertisin g We will write a custom article sample on Generalized Anxiety Disorder specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The CARD assessors were also considered to be biased due to their involvement with some of the clients. Future research should incorporate competency ratings to identify the degree of treatment based on the efficacy of delivery of the intervention. In addition to this, the study should include participants from a wide racial and ethnical background. This article on Generalized Anxiety Disorder was written and submitted by user Am1ra to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Perfect Crime Essays

Perfect Crime Essays Perfect Crime Essay Perfect Crime Essay Genre:Crime thiller Story draft: Two cops were deliberately challenged by an unknown figure to solve few crimes committed by him. Each of this crime leads to the identity of the villain. He wants the cops to admit that hes the perfect crimester. 1st crime:Bank robbery Using sonar technology(dark knight),villain gets the 3d map of the bank. On the day of the execution,2 masked mens glides from one roof to the banks roof. 1 of them heads to the ventilation and the other heads to the telephone and security alarm system of the bank. nd robber dis-alarms the security system and the other adds chloroform to the air ventilation system. After 10 minutes,2 robbers enters the bank and they lock up the front door indicating its close. All four of them rushes to the vault and starts drilling. Click. Vaults open as the four robbers rushes and starts filling the cash in a garbage bag. They rush to the back emergency door and place the garbage bags filled with money in the trash bin and runs away i n taxi. Moments later,police comes to the crime scene and starts to rush into the building. A garbage truck comes by and collects all the trash and leaves. 2nd crime:Gold bar heist While closing hours,the owner of a big jewelery shop was waiting for the arrival of huge amounts of gold bars illegally brought in from africa. The owner had the company of four call girls who was flirting with him. The owner receives a text message saying that the golds have arrived. He heads down to assist them to unload. Soon as the unloading finishes,the owner heads up stairs where the call girls were waiting for him. 1 of them seduces him and lays him on the bed while another girl gave him a pill claiming that it was a erection enhancement pill. The owner takes the pill and sleeps off. The girls head down and doing all the neccesary stuffs like shutting of the cameras and security alarms,filling all the gold bars in a bag and leaving the place within 15 minutes Hero arrives at the first crime scene analyzing the details. Heroin analyzes the second crime scene.

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Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Society - Essay Example The social roots of delinquency have been analyzed using theories developed by sociologists as well as criminologists. Some of them view delinquency as function of one individual while others describe it from the macro level of societal structure (Bernard 1984). The theories that will be presented here will be applicable to analyze of crime and delinquency in society. Society has embedded many ideas promoting the success in life. It puts a large emphasis on money, power, commodities, and material goods to prove who we are and how much one has accomplished. Unfortunately we are all given the idea that success is one universal lifestyle and we should all aim to work towards it. However, only few have the means to attain these goals. In this paper I will discuss the correlation between social classes and delinquency. It is important to find the root of the delinquency in order to start eliminating it, leading to a brighter future for those in a lower-class, enabling the youth to have fa ir opportunities in society. It is a widespread opinion that youth from lower socioeconomic class is more open for delinquency and crime. Through the theories of such sociologists as Merton, Cohen, Cloward and Ohlin I will try to prove that this opinion is right. The strain theory is similar to the structural functionalism and argues that "people who commit crimes have basically the same values as everybody else.., however, the avenues for the achievement of success are greatly restricted for people in the lower class. Thus, they are faced with a cruel dilemma: either they abandon the major American values of success and prosperity or they abandon another - obedience of the law" (Leighninger 331). Theories Merton's Strain Theory Strain theory is mainly applied to juvenile delinquency among the boys of lower class and is based on the idea that the value of success they have is shared with the larger culture, but the stratified socialization makes it impossible to compete effectively. Therefore, this pressure is causing the strain and young adults are trying to resolve it. The condition of the society prevents the poor youth from attaining success and lead to defiance of socially accepted norms. Merton has stated that sometimes the society is structured in the way promoting delinquency. As Calhoun has specified "some social structures exert a definite pressure on persons in society to engage in non conforming behavior" (174). Merton was focused on American society because United States is one of the richest countries in the world but the wealth is not equally distributed. Too much emphasis is being made on financial wellbeing. Children grow up with the dreams to become a millionaire. Distress and strain resul t from this pressure - even parents say to their children that if they do not go to college they will be lower class. Criminal activity is like the struggle to preserve the self esteem. Robert Merton added to Durkheim's concept and focused on the idea of strain between aspirations and expectations in society. According to Merton anomie was the state of structural strain between the almost universal cultural goals of the "American Dream" and the much more restricted institutionalized means for achieving them (Deutchmann p.246). Merton believes deviance is a form of adaptation to the strain that exists between, "culturally prescribed aspirations and socially structured avenues for